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Dít is de bekende stiefzus van Beyoncé

De stiefzus van Beyoncé heeft al in meerdere populaire series gespeeld.


De moeder van Beyoncé stapte vijf jaar geleden in het huwelijksbootje. Tina Knowles trouwde met haar nieuwe hubby Richard Lawson. De zangeres en haar zus Solange hebben sindsdien een stiefzus die ook nog eens bekend blijkt te zijn.


Beyoncé's stiefzus is de 41-jarige actrice Bianca Lawson. Ze speelde onder andere in de populaire serie Pretty Little Liars. In de serie vertolkte ze de rol van Maya St. Germain. Daarnaast was ze ook als Emily Bennett in The Vampire Diaries te zien.


Bianca kan naast acteren ook nog eens goed dansen! Zo speelde de actrice ook in de film Save the Last Dance, waarin ze haar indrukwekkende dance moves showt.

Nieuwsgierig geworden? Bekijk hieronder de stiefzus van Queen-B.

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I was having a conversation with a friend the other day about the importance of being kind to ourselves. To have the same level of compassion and positive self regard that we hold for others. It can be easier sometimes to show up and fight for the people we love but not hold that same level of space for ourselves. I know that I can be tremendously hard on myself, but have real empathy for other’s processes and shadow patterns. I hope that everyone has a safe holiday weekend and that as we move through this shift, time of self- reflection and healing; we remember to be kind, loving and patient with our own processes. We’re human and imperfectly perfect. I think the lesson is to love ourselves fully no matter what. Even in our darkest times. And forgive ourselves for anything that we’re still carrying or regret about our pasts or behavior. We’re learning and living and growing everyday. And it’s a process. I try to tell myself that as long as I’m moving in the right direction then that’s enough. Our journeys and wins may not look like someone else’s and that’s ok. Be kind to yourself today. And never be afraid to take up space or say how you really feel. It’s your life and YOU get to choose how you live it and what makes you feel good. Blessings! . Also.. thanks again @jdthecombo @nicky_b_on_hair @reneemadeulook @adesamuel for this beautiful shoot.🦋✨✨

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